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Diploma in Web Designing

  • Introduction to serverside scripting
  • Installing PHP, Web server, MySQL

HTML5, Javascript & CSS

  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Form Validation using Javascript
  • Implementing CSS

Programming with PHP

  • Datatypes & variables with PHP
  • Understanding Operators
  • Using selection for if, else and switch
  • Iteration using while, do-while and for loops

PHP with Web Design

  • HTML scripts and form’s element
  • Embedding PHP in HTML

Arrays & Strings

  • Numerically Indexed arrays & Non-Numerically Indexed arrays
  • Multidimensional Arrays
  • Formatting string
  • String Library & PHP Date Library

Reusing Code and Writing Functions

  • Introducing Functions
  • Creating user defined functions

Session & Cookie

  • Understanding Basic Session Functionality
  • Setting Cookies with PHP
  • Using Cookies with Sessions
  • Starting a Session & using variables

PHP Mail & Exception Handling

  • PHP E-mail
  • PHP Exception Handling

MySQL Database

  • Relational Database Concept & Technology
  • Web Database Design
  • Web Database Architecture
  • Creating a MySQL Database
  • Setting up Users and Privileges
  • Creating Database Tables
  • Data types
  • Implementing Insert/Update/Delete and Select Query
  • Dropping tables and Databases
  • Setting up connection with PHP and MySQL
  • Performing various database operations using PHP
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